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Bamboo Therapy in Finestrat & Benidorm

An Ancient Healing Technique.

60 minutes/€60

We use Bamboo Therapy to help release toxins, smooth the skin and aid lymph drainage.


This massage is also perfect for someone who wants to melt away deep aches from their muscles. Pick this massage if you would like a firm pressure with added glide, targeting muscles to ease out tension, knots and trapped toxins. Moves include Rolling, rocking, kneading and pressures with a range of different sized bamboo sticks.

We recommend one massage every two weeks for optimal results, if having this treatments to smooth skin and rid toxins it is best combined with exercise and a healthy diet. 

El-Ser - Bamboo Massage Finestrat, Bamboo Massage in Benidorm, Holistic Therapist Benidorm.

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