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El-Ser - Holistic Massage & Oil Massage in Finestrat & Benidorm

Balance Your Chi

Choose the El-Ser Holistic Massage to deeply relax and gently remove the stresses from your body. This massage uses traditional Swedish techniques combined with a choice of naturally scented oils, leaving you feeling relieved, relaxed and ultimately pampered. This treatment is perfect for someone seeking a medium to firm touch but still targeting problem areas to release build up tension and knots throughout the bodily tissues. 


This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies, promoting the natural healing processes of the body, rejuvenating your physical and emotional well-being.

El-Ser - Deep Tissue Massage in Finestrat & Benidorm

A Deeper Feeling Of Well-being

Deep tissue massage is perfect to melt away built up muscle tension, that cause stiff & achy areas within the body. A deeper massage pressure is applied to the tissues, sinking into a depth to make effective changes to the root of the problem. 

This treatment flushes toxins out of the tissues, breaking down adhesions and returning the tissues functionality back to normal. This treatment will leave you feeling like your problem areas have been tackled and in-turn make an enormous difference to your overall health.

El-Ser - Footflex in Finestrat & Benidorm

Positive Energy and Natural Healing

The ancient practice of Foot Massage is based upon the theory that by applying certain pressures on areas of the feet and hands, this process stimulates natural healing in the corresponding organs and systems of the body.

This treatment promotes the strengthening of the immune system. It helps to kick-start your bodies natural healing abilities, making you feel balanced, positive and full of energy. It is also is incredibly relaxing.

El-Ser - Sports Massage Therapy in Finestrat & Benidorm

Service Or Rehabilitate Your Body For Sport

Whether you require professional regular sports maintenance massage or require a specific treatment plan to rehabilitate from injury, our sports massage treatments will speed up your recovery, getting you back to performing at your absolute best in the shortest possible time frame. London trained to the highest level in Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy we use advanced techniques, with a very logical approach, alongside high-end experience working with professional and dedicated athletes of all sports. 

Regular Sports Massage is essential in maintaining the body alongside regular exercise. The ultimate way to support your pursuit in performing to your best in the sports you love and boosting your overall Well-being.

El-Ser - Bamboo Massage in Finestrat & Benidorm

An Ancient Exotic Technique

Bamboo sticks are used to roll across muscles to lengthen and stretch, manipulating deep into the tissues. This is an exotic ancient treatment which adds heat to further penetrate the muscle tissue.


Originating in China, bamboo stalks symbolise eternal youth, strength, prosperity and peace.

El-Ser - Prenatal Pregnancy Massage in Finestrat & Benidorm

Relax & Unwind

Pre-natal massage therapy uses Swedish techniques to release achy muscles from crown to sole. Focusing on the back, neck, legs & feet to leave you feeling truly pampered.


You will have a full free-consultation before your treatment to determine areas you would like to focus on. ​

*Mother to be must be 12+ weeks pregnant in order to have this treatment.

El-Ser - Indian Head Massage in Finestrat & Benidorm

Deep Relaxation For Body Mind & Soul

An ancient Indian therapeutic treatment using deep massage and a variety of varying pressures and techniques. These include; circular massage strokes on your scalp, deep tissue work on your shoulders and stretching of the neck muscles. 

This treatment is extremely beneficial in combatting migraines, upper back and shoulder tension, inducing relaxation, increasing energy levels and improving sleep.

This form of massage focuses on the three higher chakras; Mind, Body & Spirit.